Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets

In this Regal Assets review, we’ll be looking at its business, offerings, strengths, weaknesses, and whether we would or wouldn’t use its services to invest in gold or a gold-backed IRA.

Company Overview

Regal Assets is a popular company in the gold investment industry. Presently led by CEO Tyler Gallagher, the company focuses on helping people guard their savings and investments with the use of gold-backed IRA programs. It also provides financial products that are founded on precious metals like silver, palladium, and platinum.

A review of Regal Assets was actually featured in Inc. Magazine in 2013. The company was also part of the publication’s 500 list, a comprehensive ranking of 500 fastest developing private firms in the United States. The company was also featured in main business publications including Forbes, SmartMoney, Market Watch, Reuters, and the Hollywood Reporter.

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Investing Products & Services

Generally, companies like Regal Assets purchase and sell gold as well as other precious metals usually in the shape of coins, bullion, and bars. Paper-based investments like stocks, mutual funds, and treasury bonds have values that are highly volatile and reliant on present national economic trends. This is why they’re less stable than gold, silver, and other precious metals like palladium and platinum. For this reason, Regal Assets aids people to invest wisely in gold/precious metals for their IRAs or retirement portfolios.

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At present, the company provides two different types of personal packages:

  • The $5,000 Merchant Package- this is for people who’re searching for gold/silver investments that can be easily liquidated in dire times
  • The $10,000 Knighthood Package- this is for individuals who want to give financial coverage for their loved ones

For investments, there are four various types of gold portfolios:

  • The $25,000 Legacy Portfolio- focuses on quick profit potential
  • The $50,000 Kingship Portfolio- protects clients from inflation through custom design
  • The $100,000 Dynasty Portfolio- provides a high return on initial investment and is evidenced to be stable against inflation and economic dilemma
  • The $250,000+ Coronation Portfolio- meant for high net worth individuals who seek to concentrate on long-term wealth construction.

Regal Assets Strengths

1. Good Track Record

The company boasts a good track record in the industry, which is flawless. If you search “Regal Assets Reviews” on Google or any search engine sites, you’ll see a ton of praise and admiration, without any complaints at all. Most reviews on review collector sites like TrustLink are also remarkable. In the Better Business Bureau Website, the company is rated A+, which is the highest possible rating that an enterprise could acquire through the organization.

2. Segregated Storage

In comparison to other major gold investment companies, Regal Assets offers low-cost segregated storage for its customers. This indicates separate storage compartments for your coins, bars, and bullion. They’re not kept together all befuddled with other customers’.

While other firms do provide this type of storage arrangement, they often charge an expensive fee on top of their yearly fees. Regal Assets is different because they only charge a fixed annual storage rate of only $150. This is remarkably lower when compared to the industry average of $250+.

3. Quick Shipping And Processing Time

As a client, if you want to get some of your gold from the storage, you can do so with a guarantee that your coins, bullion, and bars will securely arrive in your place within a week. If the coins don’t arrive within the delivery timeframe of seven days, then the company will give you a free Silver American Eagle coin. Other gold investment firms usually take at least 15-30 days or even longer to get the gold delivered to their clients.

4. Proficient In Gold IRA Rollovers

When investing gold and other precious metals, it’s imperative that you use a gold investment company that has a full knowledge of the ins-and-outs of IRA rollovers. Simple mishaps like not purchasing the proper coins that are IRA approved or wrong tax documents can cost you a lot of money in the long run. You, as future investors, will get a great assurance that your money is safe since 95% of the company’s business is created from its clients’ IRA rollovers.

5. Flat Fees

Without any consideration of the account’s value, all retirement accounts are billed only $250. The fees (e.g. administrative, storage, delivery, etc.) for precious metal are waived on the initial year. The investor will only be charged the following year.

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Regal Assets Weaknesses

1. High Account Minimums

If you’re a beginner or simply own a small capital, then Regal Assets may not be the right one for you. It’s cheapest investment package (the Merchant Package) is $5,000- an amount that some individuals might not afford totally.

Customer Reviews

The reviews or Regal Assets across the web are immensely positive. For instance, some reviews on seem to admire the company’s friendly customer service, especially for customers who are rolling over their IRAs. The firm’s financial advisers/experts are so well-admired by their customers who wanted advice on their investment portfolios.

Supporters of Regal Assets

Better Business Bureau (BBB): A+

Regal Assets is officially accredited by the BBB and keeps an A+ rating. The company gets this high rating because they were able to pass the meticulous 16-point evaluation index of BBB for businesses. As of today, the company has no complaints on this site.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA): AAA

The company also receives an AAA, the highest rating on the BCA. As of today, the company has no complaints on the site.


Regal Assets also receives a high rating on the review aggregator site TrustLink. The company enjoys a rating of 5 out of 5. TrustLink reviewers also made immensely positive reviews.

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Opening An Investment Account With Regal Assets

Rolling over retirement funds from conventional IRAs into precious metals may need some paperwork and labor. If you’re not well adept in financial matters, then this process may be a bit confusing.

Fortunately, Regal Assets has a group of IRA experts that will aid new clients to make a new self-directed IRA. The firm will right away communicate a client’s IRA custodian to get the funds moved over to them. As clients, you only need to specify the amount of investment and the type of metals that you want to invest in.

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Bottom Line

Regal Assets is the best company for individuals who want security for their investments against inflation and economic trouble. Selecting Regal Assets has a lot of advantages than other gold companies and here’s just a few of them:

  • Friendly customer service
  • Doesn’t have excessive rates
  • Enjoys positive customer feedback
  • Offers a buy-back program
  • Guarantees the growth potential of their client’s investments

This company fully shines in all the metrics that a credible gold investment company should meet. It has quick processing times, superb selection of coins, cheap fees, alert agents and financial experts. If you want more knowledge about this firm and its offerings, check out their official website or call 1-844-913-7373.

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