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The company Rosland Capital was established in 2008 by Marin Aleksov. Although seemingly new, they have established quite a reputation. They are based in Santa Monica. The company focuses on selling, buying and the trade of common forms of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. The trade also includes numismatic coins.

On their website, this company objective is stated as:

“Rosland Capital strives to educate the public on the benefits of buying gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals in physical form, and through Precious Metal-backed IRAs. Rosland Capital focuses on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.”

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Rosland Capital Services and Conveniences of Customers

  • Precious Metals IRAs and Physical Possession Investment Vehicles
  • Free Investment Kit
  • Toll-Free Call Number
  • No Online Application for IRA
  • Has no 24-hour Account Setup
  • Rapid Metals Delivery

Support from the Online Community

Information about Rosland Capital and Ease of Use

The actor William DeVane is present on the homepage of their website. This is done to attract older investors. This actor appeals to the right subject of the website, but our reviewer was disappointed with the site. It is evident that they lack the resources in order to be at par with some of their greatest competitors. The website does not lack in terms of visuals, but in the quality of its content.

Presence on Social Media or ‘Satellite’ Websites

The involvement in various social media platforms may not automatically expand the presentation of your IRA gold company. This is in relation to their dependability or customer support. Nonetheless, we feel that it shows that the company is involved in their market and is creating a vigorous effort to spread and reach out to their clients in significant ways. Their presence in Social Media is insufficient. For example, they only have an account on Twitter.

In Conclusion

The company, Rosland Capital, lacks ample data and background in terms of investing in general, or even with investing in specific gold IRA. This seems strange, especially when you think about the objective of the company in educating their clients on the profits of purchasing gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals through Precious Metal-backed IRAs. It is disappointing to see that they do not value their principle to educate completely. However, they have a detailed section for news. This section features press releases and other plans and activities of this company.

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Even though they seem to maintain their high rating with BBB and BCA, Rosland could have fared better in the “Trust Factors” area. It is significant to note that they were able to raise their BBB score from A to A+ for the past year. However, it would be better to see less damaging criticisms at TrustLink. These are thought to have come from clients that have availed of the company’s gold silver services. Although, it is safe to say that were did not find any proof of an organized scam by Rosland Capital despite looking at all the negative reviews. We do feel the need to state it in case we might have overlooked it in our research.

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